During Roman times a bride would wear a veil from head to toe as a means of disguise to conceal her features and to also ward off any evil spirits.  Veils of today offer elegance and grace and also highlight the bride's appearance and features.  Veils range in many styles and lengths, from the very short Birdcage Veil which barely covers the face to the Regal length which can trail anything up to 5-6 foot and beyond the bride.

Bridal Illusion Tulle/Net
traditional style of tulle/net manufactured specifically for wedding veils with a designer quality and feel.  Beautifully soft to the touch with a wonderful light, subtle drape/flow so movement is entirely unrestricted. 
Bridal Illusion tulle/net is available in many colours.  I have White, Diamond White/Antique White, Ivory, Dark Ivory/Cream, Champagne, Blush Pink, Red, Lilac and Black but I can also order a further 25 colours.
Bridal Illusion Glimmer/Shimmer Tulle
A subtle glimmer/shimmer tulle with a slight sparkle and not to be confused with the glitter tulle.
Bridal Illusion Glitter Tulle
This is more glittery and slightly stiffer than the glimmer/shimmer tulle. 
Similar in style to the Bridal Illusion but as a 100% silk it is a great deal finer and lighter in weight.
Organza and Chiffon
Both organza and chiffon are a fine, sheer fabric and not a net.  
Russian Veiling for Birdcage Veils
Available in both a plain and dotted chenille net. The diamond shaped holes are  1/4 inch and available in 9, 12 and 18 inch widths.  Various colours available. 
Merry Widow Veiling for Birdcage Veils
A plain net with diamond shaped holes of 1/2 inch and available in 9, 12 and 18 inch widths.  This diamond pattern is slightly larger than the Russian veiling.  Various colours available.
Samples @ £1.50
If you would like a tulle or fabric colour sample then please request these Here.  Please make sure you leave your full postal address to avoid any delays.
All veils are attached to a transparent comb.  These are effortlessly placed in the hair and are not visible whilst wearing your veil.  The majority of veils fit nicely onto a 7cm comb but the wider, fuller gathered veils may require a slightly wider comb of 9cm.  Birdcage veils are attached to either a small silver or transparent comb depending on style.  Some designs will require 2 combs to hold the veil in place.
You can choose as many veil tiers as you wish, 1, 2, 3 and even 4 tiers.  The longer 2 tier veils can be made detachable, enabling you to remove the longer bottom tier.  This is ideal if you are planning on wearing your veil after the Ceremony and long into the evening.
Detachable Veils
A detachable veil enables you to remove the longer bottom tier, allowing the top tier to be worn as a single tier.  This will alleviate that extra length but still enable you to wear your veil long into the evening.
If you would like to know where a particular veil measurement will finish, simply take a piece of ribbon or string and cut to your desired length e.g. waist length veil cut to 30 inches (this is the bottom tier length measurement).  Stand straight and place against your head where you would like the veil to sit and allow the other end to fall freely. 

Please also bear in mind if you are wearing your veil towards the back of the head then your veil will have a lengthening affect of a few inches.  Please have a look at the Standard Body Measurement Length Table and the Veil Length photos to help you choose your ideal length.Longer veils such as Chapel, Cathedral and Regal length can look extremely dramatic and elegant but the length may become a little hard to contend with if wearing long into the evening.







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