Whether you are looking for a slim, streamlined veil with a width of 54", a standard width of 72" or maybe a 108" width with plenty of gathers, whatever your choice I can help you find a suitable veil to compliment both you and your style of dress.

Veil widths are available in 54", 72" and 108".  This is the veil width which is gathered onto the comb so a wider width will result in more gathers.

Bridal Illusion tulle/net is extremely soft and sheer so even with the fullness of a 3 tier veil, this will not obscure any back dress detailing.

54" width

A beautiful streamlined width.  An ideal width when worn towards the back of the head as this creates a wonderful elongated effect.  Ideal veil width when worn against a heavily decorated dress bodice too.

72" width

Considered to be the standard veil width and most popular.  Works well with all tier lengths and styles. 

If you are a little unsure which width to choose then I would suggest going with the 72" as this is the standard width.
108" width
This width has a greater fullness and therefore more gathers are created.  As the Bridal Illusion tulle is very soft and sheer you will notice more gathers and folds as opposed to extra height and puffiness.  


Ideal width for longer veils where you want to show off any veil detailing you may have whilst walking down the aisle.  Works well with streamlined, paneled dresses and also fuller ones with trains. 
Please remember not to "swamp" yourself or your dress!  Keep a nice even balance and allow the eye to see you as a whole and not your dress and veil as two individual areas.  Remember, its all about balance!



54" Width   

72" Width

108" Width