Wedding veils are available in various tier lengths and any length is possible to make.  If you are looking for a slightly longer or shorter tier length than those indicated in the Standard Body Measurement Length Table below, then please use the Quote Form for Veils and I will be happy to get back to you with a quote for your specific requirements.


If your dress has a separate skirt and bodice design or back detailing such as a bow/sash/flowers/embellishment design, you will need to consider this when choosing your veil.  Make sure your veil length either encases this, finishes well above or beyond this area.  Allow a nice even balance and flow to both veil and dress.

The Standard Body Measurement Lengths detailed in the table below are based on veils worn on top of the head.  Please bear in mind if you are planning on wearing your veil towards the back of the head then this will have an additional lengthening effect.

Should you require further help then please refer to the Measuring Section in Choosing Your Veil.



Bouffant 1 Tier 18"


Bouffant 2 Tier 16" & 18"


Shoulder 1 Tier 20"


Shoulder 2 Tier 18" & 20"


Just Past Shoulder 1 Tier 22"

Just Past Shoulder 2 Tier 18" & 22"

Elbow 1 Tier 25"

Elbow 2 Tier 20" & 25"

Waist 1 Tier 30"

Waist 2 Tier 25" & 30"

 Fingertip 1 Tier 42" 
 Fingertip 2 Tier 30" & 42"

 Knee 1 Tier 54"   


Knee 2 Tier 30" & 54"  


Floor 1 Tier 72 

Floor 2 Tier 30" & 72"


Chapel 1 Tier 96"

Chapel 2 Tier 30" & 96"

Cathedral 1 Tier 114"

Cathedral 2 Tier 30" & 114"

Regal 1 Tier 144"

Regal 2 Tier 30" & 144"  


Standard Body Measurement Lengths


18 inches


20 inches

Just Past Shoulder

22 inches


25 inches


30 inches


42 inches


54 inches


72 inches

Chapel (1)

96 inches

Chapel (2)

108 inches

Cathedral (1)

114 inches

Cathedral (2)

120 inches


144 inches



If you are planning on wearing your veil over the face during the wedding ceremony, this is known as a Blusher Veil.  Years ago it was so-named as it would hide the bride's blushes! 

Ideally a top Blusher tier length should be around 20-30".  This length will cover the face/chin area nicely and remain well balanced. 

A Blusher Veil is specifically made to mirror the same detailing on both sides of the top tier.  This enables detailing to be seen not only whilst the veil is worn over the face for the ceremony but also when lifted back over the head.

Bouffant 18"

When fully gathered into a 108" width will create volume and stature.  An ideal veil when worn with a 60's style dress too.  This length works well if you have lots of detailing at the back of your dress and you wish to show this off to the full.

Shoulder Length 20"

This length works well if you have lots of back dress detailing you do not wish to cover but want to show off to the full.

Just Past Shoulder Length 22"

This veil will sit slightly past the shoulder area depending on your height and build and ideal for brides who want a veil slightly longer than the Shoulder length.

Elbow Length 25"

An Elbow length tends to work well with dresses which have a full skirt and/or no dress train and will keep a nice even balance to these dress styles.  Ideal for shorter length wedding dresses too.

Waist Length 30"

Like the Elbow length it works very well with dresses which have a full skirt and/or no dress train.

Fingertip Length 42"

Finishing around the Fingertip area this length will compliment most dress styles.  An ideal length for dresses with a bodice & skirt design as it will fall below the waist seam/join area and fully encase this. 

Knee Length 54"

Falling around the knee or calf area (depending on your height).  Will compliment a streamlined/tapered dress which doesn't have a full skirt and looks great when worn with a beautiful 20's style dress.    Looks particularly stunning as a 1 tier and when worn towards the back of the head.

Floor Length 72"

Veil finishes around Floor length or just touching the floor depending on your height.

Chapel 96" & 108"

I make my Chapel length veils in 2 various lengths a 96" & 108" simply because brides have always requested both lengths.

Cathedral Length 114" & 120"

As with my Chapel length veils, these are also available in 2 lengths of 114" & 120" inches.   Again, both these lengths are requested by brides and so I like to allow brides the choice.

Regal 144" and longer

These are 144" but really there's no limit to the length available.  Some brides find a veil trailing 5-6ft behind them is sufficient and ample enough to contend with on their wedding day but it doesn't have to stop there you can add even more to the length!   Princess Diana's famously beautiful veil was in fact nearly 8 metres (25 foot) in length!

Mantilla Veils 42" and longer

The Mantilla is unmistakably edged in lace.  The traditional 1 tier Mantilla sits close to the top of the head or even over the face.   Can be made into any length but the lace edge will stand out better on a longer length veil. 

Birdcage Veils - Various Lengths

These veils vary in length and style.  Available in 9", 12" & 18" widths.  Can look extremely dramatic left undecorated or with a few added diamantes, pearls or crystals.  Made from traditional veiling net with either 1/4" or 1/2" diamond shaped holes and designed to create a soft frame around the face. 














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