Your choice of Gather will affect the overall appearance of your veil.  Have a look at the 2 styles of Gather below and you will see for yourself the difference in appearance once the veil is completed.


There are two choices available, a Centre or Full Gather.  I have used ribbon edged veils in all the examples below to highlight the difference.

Veil shows a Full Gather on the right of photo and a Centre Gather on the left.
Centre Gather

Notice how the ribbon edging hangs slightly further down and around the face/chin area, allowing cascading folds of tulle to gently frame the face.  

A centre gather tends to soften the face area too.  


Full Gather

You can see how the ribbon edging falls directly from each side of the comb allowing the edging to frame the face. 

If you are still a little unsure which gather to choose then I would recommend the centre gather, simply because it tends to softens the face a little more.







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