All veil edgings are available in a variety of colours.  If you can not see what you are looking for then just email me and I will try my best to find this for you.

A plain veil can look quite stunning  against a heavily decorated dress  but you may wish to add a few trims and decorations of your own choice to help enhance your veil and add that special touch too.


Veil Edgings

Cut Edge

A simple, plain cut veil edge.  The tulle will not fray when left unedged.


These satin edgings placed side-by-side will give you a better idea of widths.


 Delicate Satin

A thin, lightweight satin pencil edging.  This subtle edging gives just enough definition to a veil edge without appearing too heavy or overbearing.


Rattail Edging

This is a rounded satin cord and is slightly thicker in appearance than the Delicate Satin edging.


A flat satin cord, very similar in width to the Rattail and slightly wider than the Delicate Satin edging.


Fine Pencil Machine Stitch

A very fine pencil edging produced from a plain, sewing machine stitch which gives the appearance of a fine, continuous line.

Satin Ribbon

A double-sided satin ribbon in widths of 3mm, 7mm, 15mm and 25mm.


Organza Ribbon

A beautiful soft, organza ribbon in widths of 7mm and 15mm.


Satin Bias Binding

 Similar to a satin ribbon edging in appearance but slightly more sturdier. The sturdiness of this edging will create and define beautiful cascades to a veil.


Pearl Trim

A continuous pretty pearl edging in 3mm or 4mm width. 



A continuous edging in beautiful diamantes.  A slightly heavier trim. 



A scallop edge can look quite stunning on a veil.  This edge tends to work well by either leaving it plain or by adding a fine, pencil machine stitch.  The lighter edgings work better on the scallops as something heavier will have the tendency to turn under.



There are two types available, a light, subtle curl and a slightly more prominent one.  The prominent style produces an abundance of curls.



Various machine embroidery stitches are available.



A pretty fluffy feather edging.  Ideal for those winter weddings.


Veil Trims

Swarovski Diamante

3mm or 4mm Swarovski crystal diamantes Clear or AB are used.  AB (Aurora Borealis) - the name given to the Northern Lights, have a spectrum of colours like that of the Northern Lights and of a rainbow.  Most brides like to choose either the Clear or AB diamante but other colours are available.

Clear        AB


Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads

3mm or 4mm size beads tend to work best as a scattered bead but other sizes and colours are also available.  



Available in various sizes and colours, either scattered over your veil or can be used to create a continuous edging or pattern design.  3mm or 4mm tend to work best.


Rice Beads

Small, oval shaped beads, ideal for designs and patterns.  Available in various sizes and colours. 



I have several appliqués in white and ivory which can be used to adorn your veil. These consist of Doves, Butterflies and Hearts. The Doves look exceptionally beautiful on a long train placed at the centre bottom edge.


Silver-lined seed beads

These are a tiny little bead with the inside lined in silver. The outside of the bead is clear. The silver-lining creates that little sparkle but the bead itself is clear. A tiny bead which works well mixed with other bead types to "pack" out a veil edging.


Bugle Beads

These are a small, narrow, straight bead and are available coloured, silver-lined, opaque or clear. Like the Seed Bead, these little beads create a wonderful scattered edging when mixed with other beads. 












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