Please complete the Order Form below for all veil orders.  You can also use this form for your Rush orders too.  Please make sure all your details are correct to avoid any delays and be as detailed and specific as you possibly can, the more details you add the easier it is for me to fully understand your requirements.

Please measure your desired length carefully to avoid any unneccessary loss of time and expense.  If you are still a little unsure then you may like to refer to the section Choosing Your Veil.

If you prefer to post your Order Form with your payment then you will find a downloadable version on my Forms Page. I will only commence on your veil order once all details are fully understood and confirmed and when both myself and customer are happy to proceed.

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Material: Bridal Illusion is the traditional net/tulle style and most popular in choice but veils can also be made from glimmer tulle, litter tulle, silk tulle, organza and chiffon.


Blusher (Top Tier): When a veil is worn over the face this is known as a blusher. Whatever detailing you may have on the top tier this is then placed back-to-back on the underside, enabling both sides to look exactly the same in appearance.

 Blusher Veil + £8


Top Tier in Inches:


Second Tier in Inches:


Third Tier in Inches:


Fourth Tier in Inches:


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Type of Cut:  (If you are unsure then I would advise you choose the Standard Cut which is very traditional)




If any other type of decoration or colour required please indicate         

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Decoration Layout:

A veil with a gradual increase in decoration and one with a border will require more crystals/pearls/beads etc than a scattered one.  

£10-£25 depending on veil length



Please describe your specific pattern design  

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Embroidery if any:


Type of Gather onto Comb: (A Full  Gather takes the full veil width and this is gathered onto the comb whereas a Centre Gather takes a smaller width from the centre.  Please refer to the Section on Gathers.


Veil Price Including Postage (P&P £5.95 UK and £16 for Outside UK/Overseas):     (I will email this total to you)


Birdcage Veil Style

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Birdcage Veil Decoration if any i.e. pearls, scattered diamantes, etc: 


Comb attachment:



Birdcage Veil Price Including Postage (P&P £4.95 UK and £16 for Outside UK/Overseas):   (I will email this  total to you)  


Method of payment:

Please make cheques payable to:

Mrs L. Barlow and send to....

Mrs L. Barlow
47 Palmer Road
West Sussex
BN16 4LJ

Wherever possible I do prefer a Bank Transfer payment so if you are able to use this method then please use the following codes to do this:

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